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      "I hope so," rejoined Bergan, quietly, "for I have learned that I can do nothing worth doing, without it."

      "Thank you, nevertheless, for taking the trouble to come and tell it to me. By the way, did you get the child you went after?""Why did you not tell me?" he asked.

      "None," replied Astra. "And what accommodations have we for such a friend, if we had one?"

      "So much the more reason to search," finally said Mr. Tatum; "we have two things to look for,the will and the old woman."

      So it had, and so carefully that there was nothing to show what its contents had been. It also appeared that the paper in which the powder had been folded, had been used to light a candle, and was burned to ashes.Nothing loath, Mr. Youle gave a sufficiently graphic account of the scene in the court-room, taking occasion to lavish no small amount of hearty encomium upon Bergan's share in it.

      "Thank you," said Bergan. "That is what I am doing.""Those Arlings seem to be pretty much of a piece," said he; "they both give better than they take, when it comes to blows. However, the Italians say, Tutto s'accommoda, eccetto l'osso del collo,that means, Everything can be mended except the neck-bone. Yours has come safe out of this fray, but there's no telling how long 'twill stay so, if you're so ready with your pistol."


      And Bergan, as he took the white, cool handempty now, except perhaps of a half-reluctant gratitude, and a moderate measure of good-willhad a singular intuition that some day it would be held out to him with an inestimable gift in it.